• We currently only accept payments made via Paypal.
  • The classes will always be paid in advance. You’ll receive an email when the payment will be made with a confirmation of the date and time of the class.
  • LangLengLing will not assume any extra bank fees.
  • We will not refund money. Instead, we’ll change the date or time of the class.
  • LangLengLing reserves the right to modify rates, but will always notify any change in advance.


  • Cancellations and changes (the date or time of the class) will always be notified by email, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you don’t notify a change or cancellation within the 24-hour notice, the class will be charged.
  • If you don’t attend the class, it will be charged.


  • The first lesson is totally free and lasts about 30 minutes.
  • The first lesson does not imply that you have to do more classes with me.
  • If you need to change the date or time of the first lesson, please, notify me at least 24 hours ahead.


In accordance with the Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we make available the following information:

  • Identity of the person in charge: Catherine Theys
  • Brand Name: LangLengLing
  • Activity: Online language teaching
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  • Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (LOPD);
  • Real Decreto 1720/2007, de 21 de diciembre, conocido como el Reglamento de desarrollo de la LOPD;
  • Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo de 27 de abril de 2016 relativo a la protección de las personas físicas (RGPD);
  • Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE ó LSSI).

General Terms of Use

These General Terms of Use regulate the use (including mere access) of the webpages, forming part of the website LangLengLing.com, including the contents and services made available therein. Any person who has access to the website LangLengLing.com hereby accepts the General Terms of Use which shall be in force each time they visit the LangLengLing.com website.

Personal details

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Users are informed and accept that access to this website does not, in any way, represent the start of a commercial relationship with LangLengLing.com. This way, users commit to use this website, its services and contents without violating current legislation, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.

It is also prohibited to use the website for illicit or detrimental purposes or in any way that may cause damages or prevent the normal operation of the website.

With regard to the content of the website, the following are forbidden:

  • Its reproduction, distribution or modification, totally or partially, without my prior authorization;
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When using the LangLengLing.com website, the users agree not to act in any way which may harm the image, the interests and the rights of LangLengLing.com or of third parties or in a way which could damage, unable or overload the LangLengLing.com website or that could prevent, in any way, the normal use of the website.

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Security Measures

The personal information that the users communicate to LangLengLing.com may be stored on automatized databases or not, which is exclusively the property of LangLengLing.com, that will assume the technical, organisational and security measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information in compliance with current regulations on the subject of personal data protection.

Platform for conflict resolution

The European Union provides a platform for conflict resolution in the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Bu virtue of Article 8 and 32.1, paragraph 2, of the Intellectual Copyright Act, it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, distribute or disseminate publicly, including the making available modality, of all or part of the contents of the website for commercial purposes, in any format and by any technical means, without the authorization of LangLengLing.com. The users agree to respect the Intellectual and Industrial property Rights of LangLengLing.com.

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In case a user or third party considers that the use of a certain content on the website has violated his/her legitimate property rights, he/she should notify such case to LangLengLing.com indicating:

Personal details of the holder of the allegedly infringed rights concerned. If the complaint is made by a third party other than the party concerned, they must indicate on whose behalf they are acting.

The contents protected by the intelectual property rights and the place where they are found on the website, the credentials for these intelectual property rights.

External links

The LangLengLing.com website provides links to other websites and contents which are the property of third parties such as:

If some links or hyperlinks to other places on the Internet are provided on this website, LangLengLing.com does not exert any kind of control over those sites and contents. In no case shall LangLengLing.com assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to an outside website, nor shall it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, scope, veracity, validity, constitutionality of any material or information contained in any of the hyperlinks or other Internet sites.

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LangLengLing.com only allows other websites to mention its contents, provided that it is respectful, meets with current legislation and that the authorization has been granted beforehand by LangLengLing.com.

Exclusion of guarantees and liability

In no event will Catherine Theys ( LangLengLing.com) provide any guarantee or assume liability for any damage whatsoever derived from:

The absence of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the website and/or of its services or content;

The existence of viruses, malwares in the contents;

The illicit, negligent or fraudulent use, contrary to these General Conditions, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order, of the website, its services or contents, by the users.

The absence of legality, quality, faithfulness, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to the users on the website.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

As a general rule, the relationship between LangLengLing.com and the users are subject to the Spanish laws and jurisdiction and to the courts of the LLEIDA.


In case the users shall have any questions about the Legal Notice or any comment about the LangLengLing.com website, please, write to langlengling@gmail.com.

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